Myths About Natural Health Products That You Should Know

There is no science behind natural products This is another common myth, mostly propagated by those who know little about NHPs. Just because a lot of information natural health products has not been documented does not mean that there is no science behind their work. Most of the evidence behind natural health products is anecdotal but research into most of these products proves that most of them are highly effective. This is for instance the case with taking probiotics, which was thought weird a few years ago. However, scientific research has since then established the facts behind probiotics. Products claims from manufacturers are always true Although the drug industry is highly regulated and manufacturers are prohibited from making false claims about their products, a few will still try to take advantage of people who are not keen to establish the facts about a product. Ideally, you shouldn’t believe all that you read in a manufacturer’s website. Do your due diligence to establish whether the claims are true or they are exaggerated. Alternative and conventional medicines are complimentary This is a myth and a half-truth. You can never substitute conventional medicine for alternative medicine/products. The two are not mutually exclusive. If you happen to be suffering from painful, immediate or serious illnesses, your first route should always be towards conventional medicine or products. The above are 5 of the most common myths about natural health products. The myths do not in any way imply that natural products are ineffective. Rather, you are supposed to do your due diligence before deciding to use a product.

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