Neophyte audiophile mighty impressed

After purchasing an iPod mini, I thought I could use much better headphones to test the quality of the aiff files provided by iTunes. I must emphasize that I am not an expert as the other reviewers. When choosing this pair, I read reviews and looked for high quality under 50 bucks. These headphones put my big stereo speakers to shame. I can hear the background singers and instruments I haven’t heard before. They sound completely awesome! (no, really, they do). There is a little bit of leak, not much. and they are extremely comfortable and lightweight on the head. I’ll be testing them out extensively this weekend while traveling on airplanes. Update on airplane use: they are not noise canceling headphones, but they did block the noise of a few verbally obnoxious passengers, and while volume was cranked up, no one knew how much the tunes were cranked up. My friends that have tried them out call them *amazing*, like a symphony hall.Around the house, they block out flushing toilets, dishwashers, and those annoying sounds from the kids’ room. The cord is super long, so I can keep my iPod in it’s dock on the kitchen counter and walk around and cook dinner and clean. And the connector has a strain relief so I know that the cord won’t break off from running around.I also needed headphones to go with my laptop while watching DVDs and listening to music and other computer things. Unlike my other cd headphones, these are in stereo and pick up amazing sounds. Also, they block out the computer sounds of the dvd spinning.I suppose they weren’t made for household use, but they sound so good, that they will keep me happy for a long time, baby.

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