Nice, cheap watch, but don’t bang it around, it’s not a G-Shock

Great watch webstore i found. First let me say that this is a very nice watch for the money. But it is no Casio. The feel of the watch is ultra light which can only mean 1 thing, it’s got more plastic in it than rubber and we all know that G-Shocks have very hard rubber around their watches for a reason and that is to protect them. This watch is plastic and I doubt seriously if it would take a very hard bump on the ground or against the wall. The watch does have a great look and the digital readout is very easy to read. As far as operating the watch, it’s about as simple to operate as a 4 button remote control. This watch is also fairly comfortable compared to other watches the same size. Honestly, it feels better on than all my G-Shocks. As far as the mechanical/electronic operation of the watch I think it is a very fine & accurate timepiece. I would recommend this watch to a responsible adult for casual use, but I would not recommend that you work in it if you have a job where you use your hands a lot or swing a hammer on a regular basis as it’s just not that kind of watch. On a scale of 1 to 10, and 10 being the highest, or best, I would give the visual appeal of this watch an 8, the operation and timekeeping specs a 10, the comfort of the watch a 7, and the durability and shock resistance of this watch a 4.5 as I have found it is somewhat fragile compared to other watches in the same category. Without a doubt, I would recommend this watch as it does have a “look appeal” to it and as I said, it’s a very accurate Japanese movement and should be a timepiece enjoy for a long time. Great sports watches for on sale prices.

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