Nice Corner Shelf for the Price!

Great home decor webshop i bought this shelving unit on. Well, I was looking for something to use as a non-traditional nightstand, when I stumbled across this corner rack. It was just the sort of elegant-looking style I had in mind, plus at a price that can’t be beaten! So I ordered it and eagerly awaited its arrival…Once I got it, it was very easy to put together. I took my time so I wouldn’t break anything like an idiot, and it went together smoothly and easily. Once fully assembled, it felt sturdy and solid. It did wobble on my carpet, but it was because the carpet was squishy, not because the legs were uneven (I tested it on a linoleum floor). I did notice that it’s not the most stable thing in the world. It’s tall and skinny, so it’s a bit top heavy and I would not put a bunch of heavy stuff on the top shelves with nothing on the bottom. In fact, if you are planning to use it on carpet, I’d suggest placing a larger heavier item on the bottom shelf to weigh it down and discourage tipping. I’m planning to use a decorative trunk on that lower shelf, so that should work great. Be careful though, I don’t know what weight rating it has, but the wood is thin, so I doubt it could handle anything too heavy. Certainly don’t put a 50 lb. block of lead on the bottom shelf or anything.As for the appearance of the unit, it looks nice once it’s fully assembled. I daresay that this is the prettiest item of its type that your going to find for this price. The cherry stain is quite pretty, and it’s got a medium gloss finish, but the undersides of the shelves are not finished, so bear that in mind. Oh, and I should mention that the product image shows a gold-colored decorative ring on all the shelves, but the one I got didn’t have it. Weird. It doesn’t bother me much, though, as it still looks fine. Large selection of corner shelves here.Lastly, for anyone who’s really dying to know, I’m going to provide a complete set of measurements of everything I can think of. The height is about 47.5 inches from the floor to the top of the highest shelf. Now I’ll list the measures of the radii of the shelves (from the back corner to the outer edge). Please keep in mind that the shelves are slightly scalloped, so these measurements are approximate: 15 inches on the bottom shelf, 13.5 inches on the second to bottom shelf, 12 inches on the middle shelf, 10 inches on the second to top shelf, and 9 inches on the top shelf. Okay, so now I’m going to list width of each shelf, measuring from column to column (that way, you know how wide of a box you could set on any shelf): 14.5 inches on the bottom shelf, 12.5 inches on the second to bottom shelf, 10.5 inches on the middle shelf, 8.5 inches on the second to top shelf, and 8 inches on the top shelf. Also, there’s 10.75 inches of space between each shelf. Well, that’s all the relevant measurements I can think of. Enjoy!

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