Nothing else but a Logan Riese

I have been to the mall this afternoon to get something to bring for my little sister’s field trip tomorrow when I passed by the store of my favorite brand of bags. I am really into bags and purses and I think I already have more than a dozen of them at home. I do not know why but for some reason, I easily get attracted to bags and purses. Each time I go to the mall, I really make it a point to drop by the store which I have been visiting since the mall has opened and browse new arrivals. I was hooked to this particular brand because I really like the soft leather they use, the designs they create and the colors that they use on each item. This afternoon though, I was just browsing without really an intention to buy when my attention was caught by a young lady passing by. She was wearing a pair of very short shorts and a very tight top. She was really very attractive especially with her outfit but what made my head turn was the leather purse she was carrying. She stopped by the store to check on something so I had a chance to look at her bag closely. I found out that it was a Logan Riese custom leather purse. I can’t be mistaken. Nobody else could have created the intricate design and the make except Logan Riese, not even my favorite brand could compete with it.

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