Protect Your Face With Shave Soap

When shaving, the razor is very important. You will always get a better shave with a sharp, well maintained razor.  There is a reason for the saying razor sharp. A razor need to be sharp so that you can cut hair as close to the skin as you can without actually shaving off skin. You need to be careful with sharp razors, but it is actually easier to get a better shave with an extremely sharp razor than with a dull razor. But while the razor is what you shave with, the substance you choose to use on your skin to prepare for that razor is just as important as the razor itself. Shaving your skin without properly preparing it can lead to painful razor burn or even more painful ingrown hair. Your skin, especially the skin on your face and neck is delicate. It needs to be pampered and babied. You need to take proper care of your skin so that you don’t damage it when you shave. There are various substances you can use – shaving cream, shave soap, shaving gel – but which one should you use?

Shaving Cream and Gel

When you shop for shaving material, you see those aerosol cans filled with shaving cream. These gels and creams will give you a much closer, smoother, safer shave than merely using soap. It will protect your skin and help soften hair so that it is easier to shave off. But although shaving with an aerosolized cream or gel is better than shaving with hand soap it may not be the best medium to use. Those cans are filled with so many chemicals and scents and numbing agents and artificial moisturizers that can be harmful to the delicate skin on your face. Over the long term, these substances can dry out and damage your skin, and can even cause premature aging. But if decide you don’t want to use harmful chemicals on your face, what can you use to that smooth shave you are looking for?

A Shaving Soap

Isn’t soap bad to shave with?  Regular hand and body soap is. It is meant to clean your skin and sometimes provide moisture. But it is nowhere near sufficient for shaving. Shaving soap is different than regular soap. You probably remember all that shaving equipment your dad or your grandpa had. He probably had a straight razor, a shaving brush and shaving soap. A shaving brush is necessary to work up the right lather from shaving soap, and it can be difficult. But when you work up the right lather, it can give you better protection and a closer shave than shaving gel or cream. They generally don’t contain chemicals or agents that will damage your skin, giving you better skin in the long run.  A shaving soap comes in different qualities and at different prices, just like anything else. A quality shave soap can be expensive, but it will provide a better lather, better protection, and a better shave.

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