Quality at This Price? Yes!

Our buying habits have changed in the past several years. More people on a tight budget is part of the reason. Brand names we have heard of for decades as being top of the line that have fallen in quality and now are riding on that once good name, is another reason. That reason is why being able to read reviews has become a fundamental part of ANY purchase I make. In the past year I have had to replace my entire shoe wardrobe, and have been pleased with every “review read” choice I have made. BUT my purchase of these loafers was like Cinderilla trying on the glass slipper! The moment I slipped my foot into these shoes, and then walked in them, I knew I had a whole another level of quality and comfort. They are a dream to wear. The size is dead bang on target…the look of the shoe screams “I am quality, baby”! I was so thrilled with this gem of a find that I ordered three more pair of loafers in different colors and styles, and I will purchase more as Spring an Summer approach. The majority of the reviews I read convinced me the quality I was looking for I would find with Bass, and they were right. There were some reviews that complained, saying Bass was not what it once was. To them I reply, “if Bass was better than it is now, wearing them must have been an out of body experience”….I truly can not imagine how they could possibly be more fantastic then they are now. My ordered arrived in the morning before I had dressed for the day. I put them on and kept them on. My sister’s comment was if I loved the way they looked and felt now, just imagine how great they’ll look when I’m wearing something other than pajamas! You will really be happy with this purchase…more so than you’d expect! Enjoy!

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