Replica Breguet watches have made a few legendary contribution to watch industry

Breguet’s history is splendid and glorious history, and Mr. Breguet has so much legendary contribution to world’s watch making industry and culture. Now we will not talking about these but focus on Breguet’s excellent navigation watch – Marine Collection. Mr. Breguet started designing exquisite timepiece for French Navy in 19th century and Breguet timepiece become French Navy’s part of power. Marine Collection inherits various strict standards of military exquisite timepiece. The super solid watchcase and protective watch head can keep it working normally in the extremely environment, accurately and functionally.

In 1815, Mr. Breguet won the honor of Horloger de la Marine Royale and it design a new type movement for navigation timepiece and pocket replica watches Swiss in this year. And this movement is more exquisite and convenient. Mr. Breguet’s another great invention on navigation timepiece making is Marine Chronometer, it was set on the middle of the ship has many special functions; it not only can show the time accurately but also can define the longitude on sea. Breguet Marine Chronometer was sold for French Navy in 1822 and helped it achieve many victories.

Today, Marine Collection recommended many different editions. Since Breguet become one of the members of Swatch Group, this historical and legendary Marine collection is more dynamic and splendid. The latest edition adds more modern element on its powerful and solid appearance, inheriting traditional and classic design and also absorb fashion designs. Marine 5812 18k men’s watch is a classic work which recommended in early times, the wave decoration on watch dial is a symbol of navigation culture. Breguet recommended Marine 5827 rose gold watch in 2007; the amazing color shows an elegant and fashionable style. The wave decoration can be found on its dial still, it becomes more fashion and style through some design details. Otherwise, Mariner Collection is not only for men, there are also wonder ladies’ editions, charming and attractive. In one word, Mariner Collection can show your fashion lifestyle and feel the navigation age at the same time.

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