Responsive, Comfortable, and Quick for the Right Price

I am a neutral runner who averages only about 10 to 15 miles a week. For years I ran on the Asics Kinsei and loved them, except for the price. I eventually tried the Brooks Ghost, a less supportive shoe that was quick and had a lot of go! The cushioning lacked immensely though for longer runs but I kept them around as a cross training shoe for speed and strength drills.As my Kinsei were seeing their last days and my feet tired of running in the Ghosts (my shins were yelling at me in these shoes), I was back in the market for a shoe that had the quality of the Kinsei, the speed of the Ghosts and a price range that was actually manageable. After a a few weeks of going through Runners World, researching my running style and impact, and eventually looking at the points on my foot that apply the most pressure, I came across the Asics Nimbus 14. I had tried the 13 and 12s during the previous years but was just not jazzed by the feel and responsiveness.The improvements in the 14s made it feel like a whole new shoe though! The comfort and support are just right for my neutral running style. I have a “normal” arch and run mostly on my mid and forefoot. In some reports, I saw something about a slower responsiveness due to the cushioning in the shoe, but I felt like they had plenty of get up and go when I pushed the run. The shoe is also well ventilated and prevents any overheating while on my 3-4 miles runs. I usually integrated hills with my workouts and the shoe had plenty of grip and stability for the ups and downs as well.The best part of the shoe is that it provides you (me) with one of the best feelings, not worrying about what’s on my feet. I can just run and focus on MY workout. They gave me this feeling within day one. I had to slightly, very slightly, break them in, but they felt plush from the go. I definitely recommend going to your local running store that has a treadmill, try them out for yourself, and see what I am talking about. I am not an avid runner, but these shoes will bring you that much closer to wanting to be one!Plus, they come in neon yellow, what’s more awesome than that!?These are highly recommended and will most likely buy a couple more pairs for the years to come!

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