Rolex Submariner is the crazy gift men are pursuit

The world famous Rolex watch enter the china is too early, the early rich people have no many choices for the luxury goods market, so just bought a lot of Rolexs, especially the “Golden Rolex”, and this make the good replica watches brand become so ordinary in a long time. But Rolex should be regarded as one of the most dynamic market togehter to maintain the simple design, and its bezel, calendar, second hand seems so ordinary, however, this ordinary design details were praised by the professional people.

In 1953, Rolex launched the most classic diving watch – submerged persons Series (Submariner,). 1988, the Submariner is a more noble style was born, it is the Ref. 16613 (James Bond material Submariner). This men’s watch can be described as sustainable decline, and the price of mid-rise, six or seven years ago, less than 50,000 yuan, and in 2007 the price has gone beyond the 70000. It not only has outstanding water resistance, but also the gold color is more lovable, which lead to wear it sailing voyage than wearing diving. The Rolex initially confessed that they are inadvertently developed the 16613 such a distinguished and classic sailing yacht watch.

Second hand to move around the special rules to follow. This is a necessary through Figure conversation “described in the classical features. Simple it is to see if the watch to run the course, second hand tail of the round weight just grazed the “gallop” the central point of the clock, that is right! Is often seemingly casual “small design, but to show the skill and careful and precise attitude of the watch brand is pretty good.

Rolex calendar font is different from the practice of design! The more senior Rolex fans should be noted that this detail – the Rolex calendar status display font. Day-Date, Submariner, calendar function are considered, accompanied by the Rolex brand growth, and even the function of one of the slightly marked, if insufficient attention to the calendar display figure will easily be you in passing. In fact, the Rolex calendar font is very characteristic, the most easily separate the two numbers 1 and 4. Display into the Rolex System “,” 1 “very much like the English letter” I “,” 4 “at the top of the upper corner is flat! Scale basis described above of the word “CARTIER” regarded as the same shall be read, is very tedious detail design, senior watch fans should often remember the heart.

Fluorescent spots in the 12 o’clock position is certainly jade stones. If not to catch a wave to a Rolex, at least its loyal consumption should receive it simple and minimalist, but self-contained camp design, I will not speak the implication of the Rolex Oyster shell exclusive specialized skills, it shape experience more than half a century of the test to become a classic and permanent. Fluorescent spots in 12:00 at the extreme warm and silky, it seems a pearl, it more than the emergence of a diving watch series, becoming one of the most important details of the characteristics of.

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