Room for everything in this wallet!

Take a look at this great site where i purchased this! This is a great wallet, as long as you are not a minimalist. There are essentially two sides/halves to the wallet. One side is a zippered closure with an expandable-file type organization with two large open areas (perfect for cash or receipts) separated by a zippered pocket (perfect for keeping your change next to your cash). What is nice about the two main sections on this side of the wallet is you won’t have to stuff/shove your cash or receipts into a too small/tight area of your wallet. The other half of the wallet has a snap closure and you can use one of two different snaps, depending on how fat you stuff your wallet. This half of the wallet has the built-in ID holder, checkbook slot, photo holder, and credit card holders. Both halves of the wallet have several “extra” flat pockets that don’t take up room, but give you even more options to further organize your stuff. As the name says, this wallet is really wide (about 2 inches), so it looks and feels like a clutch. Unless you carry a large purse, just realize this will take up a lot of room in your purse, which will work fine as long as you don’t have too many other items competing for space. Also, the little extras–removable ID holder, pen holder, etc. are helpful to keeping organized. I think it is a great wallet, except that it is a little awkward for me to fit both this wallet and my Pouchee purse organizer (both of which I love) into my medium-sized purse (which I also love).

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