Shower Fun

I’m always a fan of trying little $5-10 gadgets. When I purchase a shower head for $10, I honestly don’t expect this to last years or have multiple spray settings or even be a “quality” product. When I see people who complain saying it was “the worst $10 I have ever spent!” It drives me nuts. People…you can’t buy a BMW for the price of a KIA.Now, for the product review.This came packaged nicely in an Amazon box, then in a smaller product box. Nicely wrapped in bubble. The actual head it’s self is a white plastic, with a clear “head” that has the LED’s and a standard spray pattern. As many people can’t understand, IT IS JUST THE HEAD. It needs a removable hand washer type.The head does have a cheap plastic feel to it, its very lightweight and the threads are of course, plastic. You have to be very gentle when tightening to the hand hose or whatever you are using. Too much can easily strip them. No leaks for me though.The lighting of the LED’s is pretty cool, depending on the shower type you have it can light up quit a bit. Now for the big question. How does it work?!? Some people think its batteries, some think its solar? No, this works by a very small, plastic turbine that when water flows through it, produces a very very tiny voltage to power the LED’s. Now what does that mean? It means that it has a very slight hum to it. If your looking for it, you can notice it but to me I can barely hear it over the sound of the shower and water itself.The light’s are of course your primary’s; reds, greens, blues. On the once I received there is about 6 LED’s and they don’t always change in sync. Sometimes half are blue when the other half is red etc. The speed isn’t too bad, it doesn’t produce a strobe affect to me. They could be slower but it doesn’t bother me.Overall, I love this thing. For $10 it really isn’t that bad of a deal. The water pressure isn’t too bad, almost better than the Wal*Mart style I had. I like taking a shower at night and of course, my friends think its cool. I’m sure over time the novelty of it will wear off, like anything does. I would buy it again for a white elephant gift or stocking stuffer.UPDATE: 8/27/13.As of about two weeks ago I lost significant pressure coming from the head. The LED’s still light up and it hums but the pressure is goes. I figured since it lasted about 6 months that I would go ahead and try to open it up without breaking. Nope. I’m not sure how the clear plastic cap on the head itself comes off. I have tried twisting it off and even trying to pry it off. Nothing. If I decided to destroy it I’ll just smash open and see the problem. Also when it started to drop pressure some black almost foam looking stuff started coming out. Not sure if its rusting up or what. I’ll update when I break it open. Overall I would buy it again because its so cheap!!!

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