Streamlined hangers = great solution to cramped closets

Nice outerwear store where o purchased these hangers. I recently was looking for a way to maximize space in my tiny closet (without having to donate more of my already minuscule wardrobe) when I came across a similar set of velvet hangers in an issue of REAL SIMPLE magazine.I loved the idea, and after doing some research, I decided to purchase this set of similar hangers for a few reasons:(A) This set was a great value for the quantity. Most of the competitors offering similar sets charge $20-30 for sets of only 10-20! These were far more reasonable when you are considering replacing ALL of your hangers with velvet one.(B) The hangers are a nice shape/size. Many of the alternatives do not have the option of folding pants over the bottom bar and often wind up being too flimsy without the reinforcement the bottom offers. Additionally, some of the alternatives have extra hooks (for daisy chaining hangers), but these too often wind up tangling the hangers when you try to pull them out of your closet.Unlike some of the other reviews, I have not had any issues with these hangers durability.First, no hangers arrived broken and even after two months of consistant use, there have been no breaks in my set. To maximize the longevity of these hangers you just need to remember that they are designed to be thin, and are NOT FLEXIBLE. If you bend them to try to squeeze them into a shirt, they will probably break. Being a smaller female, I have had to adjust how I hang up certain tops a bit (t-shirts, for instance, require sticking the hanger in from the bottom, rather than the neck), and it can be a touch difficult to hang smaller articles of clothing (If you are particularly petite, you might consider the “children’s sized” hangers for ease of hanging). Additionally, they seem pretty strong (they seem to do okay with even my suit jackets and pants), but I do not think I would recommend them for particularly heavy garments (wool coats, wedding dresses or formal gowns…stick to wood/steel hangers for these!)Second, none of the velvet has “rubbed off” of the hangers onto my clothes. I selected the black color because much of my clothing is dark, but even so, I have yet to see any evidence of black fluff on my white tops.Third, the hooks have not detached on any of my hangers. As with the flexibility issue, it should be noted that you cannot turn the hooks on these hangers. This can be a touch annoying when you accidentally hang a shirt up backwards, but is really only a small inconvenience for the price of the set. Great selection of hangers are here.This set of hangers is a great value for anyone looking to reorganize their closet to maximize space. After replacing my existing hangers with these (even with a few tank-tops hung on a single hanger in some cases), my clothing takes up HALF of the space it initially did. Plus, I love the uniform look these hangers give to my closet, making it seem even more organized despite holding the same wardrobe as before. They are not perfect, and may require some retraining when it comes to hanging up clothes, but the extra space they provide is well worth it!

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