sweet and comfy

All,I was skeptical about placing an order on this futon after reading many of the reviews, but I ordered anyways. My mother runs a high end interior design firm and carries high end furniture as well. So I understand how furniture is made, how much it actually costs, wholesale, retail, etc. So this review will make sense.Like anything in life, there’s “good”, “better” and “best”. I would say that this futon is definitely at the “good” level. I certainly don’t think it’s worse than that. This futon is a lot of bang for the buck. I think a lot of people who wrote harsh reviews about the quality don’t understand furniture. So don’t expect this futon to last you 5 years without deteriorating. Buy it knowing it will be practical for 2-3 years, and for this price, you won’t find anything better.It just got delivered yesterday, 2 days prior to the delivery timeframe they initially gave me. So bonus points there. It was easy to assembly…like Ikea easy. It’s cheap pleather, dark brown, almost black in a darker room. It does have a recline position between full upright and full flat, that was something I wasn’t expecting, and am happy about. The arm rests are useless, with no way to attach them to the seat, they slide off. Besides, they make the couch look cheap. Go buy a couple colorful throw pillows instead.The futon is firm upon arrival, which you want since it will slowly break itself in over time. My plan is to use a 3″ mattress pad when it’s used as a bed, once that’s on top, this should be plenty comfortable for guests who stay a couple nights at a time.The package from shipping did have a hole in it, thankfully it was the side of the box that was the underside of the couch…so no real damage. So be prepared to have some package damage, possibly.That’s all I’ve got for you, good luck!

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