The concept of coupons for the purpose of marketing in the trading industry


 Coupons are a form of a ticket which is used for marketing of any products. This form of a ticket is used to exchange it for a good discount on any item which you are buying. People when get these coupons, they feel free to shop and also does shopping in a relaxed way. The companies who are launching new product, they sometimes try to aware their customers about the product through advertisements. This is the way they spread their brand awareness and let people know about the product.

The concept:

Coupon can be of any type and can be used for any purpose. This completely depends on the company and its product. The consumer goods’ manufacturers issues coupons and retailers also uses the tickets for their increase in sales. These tickets are distributed by many kinds of media. There are magazines, newspapers, and nowadays mostly through the internet these tickets are distributed. Restaurants which have opened recently also distribute food coupons for their regular customers. They also distribute these tickets in the internet through some websites to market their brand. It is a very good way of marketing and also very much effective. These discounted tickets are a way to attract customers and in return the business is increased. Hence it is a win situation for both the sides.


The restaurants have to make different priced food coupons, so that they can attract all types of customers. Through the use of coupons, the companies can understand what price the consumer prefers. Basically there are various types of consumers with various price preferences hence it is very difficult for the company to set the price of any product which will be granted by a consumer. The coupons are a good way to judge the minds of the consumer and hence they are a very useful thing produced by the companies.   


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