The Many Mistakes Many Women Make When They Buy Bras And How You Can Avoid These Annoying Pitfalls

Too many women buy and wear completely the wrong bra.  They end up being uncomfortable or even in pain and, frankly, they look terrible.  It is very easy to blame the bra.  Perhaps it was made of a cheap material, perhaps it was too cheap, perhaps it is too old.  The reality, however, is that the have done nothing wrong.  But you have!

Understanding Sizes

Too many women think there is such a thing as a generic bra size.  This is nonsense, as breasts and women come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Hence, get yourself over to a good lingerie shop and get yourself measured once and for all.  This should be free and you won’t have to buy a bra from the store either.

It’s All about the Money

How easy is it to simply pick the cheapest bra?  We do live in a difficult economy, and forking out high amounts of cash for something that almost nobody will get to see seems like such a waste.  However, cheap bras are uncomfortable and can actually cause you a lot of pain.  Make sure you invest as much as you possibly can.

Boobs Are Embarrassing

Too many women still think breasts are sexual objects and should be kept hidden.  Of course, it is men that give us this idea, but it is hard not to be influenced by this concept in such a male dominated society.  However, breasts are not sexual objects, no matter how much men leech over them.  They are a natural part of your body and just as men want underwear that makes their undercarriage feel snug, you need a bra that makes your boobs feel good.  Hence, don’t be afraid to ask a shop assistant for help.  They aren’t interested in the look and feel of your boobs, they just want to make sure you feel completely comfortable and supported.

You Wait Too Long

At some point, most of us find that ultimate bra.  It looks great and it feels great and we immediately get it in four different colours to go with each outfit.  And then it stops.  Unfortunately for us, after a while, the bra ceases to be supportive but we may not notice this because we have become so used to it.  After a while, our backs begin to hurt and by the time we understand that our breasts are causing that, the bra is no longer manufactured where you bought it from.  Make sure you always have a new bra at hand.



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