These bells are a great value!! CAP Kettlebell Review

These kettlebells by CAP Barbell are likely the best value that can be found online!

Great Low Price Online Store Here.First off, the intermediate sizes have thicker handles which are more comfortable overall, but the quality on every CAP Kettlebell I have purchased so far has been TOP GRADE. The finish is consistently smooth and the handles and shape are very close to perfect. Not much to a kettlebell besides quality control and value; this product is great in both categories.There are complaints about receiving kettlebells with chipping and after owning this brand, as well as travelling with a pair a few times, there are chips so I can understand how that could occur with a damaged shipping box. Yes, the painted coating will chip and/or scratch against anything harder than painted coating. Another reviewer’s tip for using tape around the bodies worked great for me and I have decided to leave it on; I chose gaffer’s tape.Another complaint is actually the handle being too smooth. I suppose this is a case of “too each his own” though because, clearly, not everyone shares this complaint and in reviews of other brands, the complaint of handles being too rough comes up just as often. In any event, sandpaper will roughen up the handles for anyone who wants that. (edit: June 2012 – Now that I am using heavier weights with sweatier hands, I understand this complaint better.)I am not a big man so I chose to start off with a 15 pound kettlebell in April 2011 and honestly, that first choice was made by my wallet, as much as my sense of what would work for me. Perhaps this is also why I didn’t quit after 1-2 weeks and not quitting was a good thing so I started buying more right away and once the snowball effect took hold, I was committed to this fitness tool.The bottom line for me is that less than a year later, I am much stronger, have lost more than 1/8 my total bodyweight and am still making great progress towards my fitness goals. Before kettlebells, none of this was happening. 3 more excellent benefits are that I can do this in my bedroom, the movements require minimal time to know I am woking hard and I save time, money and frustration compared to working out at a gym.*I will post more about my own experience in the comments of this review.*As far as price is concerned, I have asked Amazon to match prices before and they responded very quickly so if you know what you want, you only *need* 1 kettlebell to start and you cannot go wrong buying on this page. However, be aware that Amazon does NOT offer either “CAP Kettlebell Value Bundle” (beginner set of 10-15-20 or intermediate set of 20-25-30) and both can be found from a major online competitor; so use internet search wisely and find the best value. More home excersize products here.If you have any concerns about which size to purchase, the best suggestion I have read is to go to a few stores and pick some up. Don’t try to learn how to swing it in the aisle at Walmart while watching a youtube on your phone, but definitely try to carry it across the store and back to see how that feels.

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