Very Nice All Around Stroller

My 5-yr old daughter is tall for her age (48″ & about 48 lbs) and she outgrew basic strollers when she was 3. I converted my MasterCycle bike trailer into a stroller w/a swival wheel & pushbar. It had a weight limit of 100 lbs & could seat 2 kids. The last stroller I’d need, or so I thought. We are planning a trip to Disney World in April for 4 days, and after surfing the Disney forums, I knew I needed an umbrella stroller for my daughter while there, as my MasterCycle would be to hefty & wide. Disney’s hard-plastic single strollers rent for $14/day. I searched online for a stroller that would fit a tall child & not break my bank. After reading reviews and doing research, I bought the Ignite Stroller (it was $42.40). If you are wondering, I bought it from here.It arrived last night. Super easy setup. LOVE that it fits a tall child. She sat in it with the canopy open and she had about 1-2″ between her head & the canopy. When she put her feet on the footrest, her lap was pretty flat. I know that she will be walking most of the time while at Disney, so I plan to strap my backpack into the seat when she is walking. But when she needs a rest, I’m confident this stroller will provide her (& me) with the comfort needed. If my review is not enough information from you then you can Click Here for some more detailed information.

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