What to Look for in Submersible Pond Pumps

A submersible pond pump is a great way to keep your ponds looking aesthetically pleasing and keeping the natural touch, without the need for bulky power heads. This type of pump is also great at helping towards maintaining the ecosystem; providing ponds with good circulation, filtration and oxygenation. Submersible pumps are typically also recommended for smaller sized ponds. When designing your pond you should always take into account the filter, relative to the size of the pond and whether you should leave enough room to be able to accommodate a big external filter. Luckily, Submersible pumps can pump up to 50,000 gallons per hour and acting as both a filter and oxygenator should help not only keep your fish alive (providing not only a clean, disease free environment, but also currents for the wildlife to utilize. Submersible pumps are also generally chosen for aesthetic purposes. People do not like the look of a large external pump which is also very high maintenance, which is why the success of the submersible pump is so high.

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