Why You Should Use Shave Oils

Most men shave. At the same time, most men don’t shave well. Think about it, when you wake up for work, sluggishly amble to the bathroom, and pick up your razor, do you think, “Oh yay!” Not very often? That is probably not because shaving is itself an unpleasant activity, but because the way most modern men shave is paltry and bland compared to what it used to be. Back in the Victorian era, men carried around badger brushes with adornments such as gold lattice, diamonds, or initials carved into their wood. Shaving your own face was a sign of status, importance, and wealth. These days, anyone, rich or poor, can spice up their shaving routine, no matter what kind of razor they use. This article will go over one way to heighten your shaving experience every morning: shave oil.

What Is Shave Oil?

Typically, vegetable oil, although it can be of the oil from such diverse plants as coconuts or olives, shaving oil is used as a pre-shave application to moisturize the skin and provide a better shave. The oil, counterintuitively, does not lubricate the face, nor directly make the blade go across the skin easier, so much as increase the retention of water in the skin itself. Well-moisturized skin shaves more easily, and more smoothly, than skin that is dry. By using a pre-shave oil, you are not only going to reduce the amount of razor burn and ingrown hairs, but also contribute to an overall skin health.

How to Use

Before shaving, you should always try to get your face wet with warm water. You can do this by applying water to the face from the sink, but if you take a shower in the morning, then simply take your shower before you shave and let the steam wet your skin thoroughly. Then, the next step is to take the shave oil you have purchased from your local shave store, put three drops on your hands, and rub all over your stubble. An important thing to remember is that using too much oil can be bad, and 2 or 3 drops is all you will need for a thorough application. Leave the oil to set for a minute or two, and then go ahead with the rest of your shaving routine. You will notice that, regardless of the cream or razor you typically use, your shave should be less painful, less prone to nicking, and smoother. You shouldn’t have to go back and touch up as often, and if you are one of the brave men who do a second pass against the grain of your stubble, you will probably see a drastic improvement in the ease of this, as well. No matter what class you belong to or what you do for a living, everyone deserves to improve their morning ritual by use of shave oil. It is the easiest, cheapest, and most beneficial way to turn your morning ritual into an exciting reason to wake up every day.

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